Blinkist Cost: Unlocking the Full Potential

How much does Blinkist cost? Starting with a free download, Blinkist offers a limited daily pick for users with free accounts, presenting randomly selected blinks beyond their control. However, to access the app’s complete array of features, a Premium subscription is required.

Pricing & Plans

How much does Blinkist cost
Blinkist offers users two subscription options: a monthly plan and an annual plan.

Blinkist provides two subscription options: a monthly plan and an annual plan.

Blinkist Annual Vs Monthly Prices

Blinkist cost $12.99 per month (or the equivalent in € for European users), and you gain boundless access to an extensive library, featuring over 6,500 titles. This includes audio versions, short casts (podcast summaries), offline reading and downloads, and highlighting, as well as the ability to sync your highlights to Evernote or send summaries directly to your Kindle. Considering the wealth of knowledge and insights received, this breaks down to less than $0.50 per day—a modest investment for the invaluable “skill” acquired.

Opting for the annual plan provides a remarkable 50% discount, resulting in a mere $6.67 (or €) per month. This significant price reduction means that even with six months of usage, the app has already paid for itself. And the best part? There’s more!

Blinkist Free Daily – Blink Of The Day

Even without a subscription, you can enjoy the Blink of the Day—a pre-selected book-in-blinks available daily. Simply access it through the app or visit our website at Dive into valuable insights and stay informed with this complimentary feature, providing a taste of the knowledge that awaits Blinkist.

Comparing Blinkist’s Offerings to Other Book Summary Services

In the realm of book summary services, two primary types exist:

Firstly, there are free book summary services, commonly featuring affiliate links to the full books within their content. Typically run by a few individuals sharing their personal notes, these services offer summaries without any cost to users.

Secondly, there are paid book summary services, such as Blinkist. These services may charge users either per summary or require a monthly fee to unlock access to their entire library of titles. Often, a dedicated team is responsible for crafting the content in various formats to cater to diverse learning preferences.

Blinkist Free Trial: Unleash 7 Days of Unlimited Learning!

To experience Blinkist’s 7-day free trial, follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Blinkist website and click “Start Your Free Trial” in the top right corner.
  2. Create your login credentials to begin your trial journey.
  3. Select your desired plan for the trial period.
  4. Provide your credit card details for verification purposes.
  5. Fill out the form to finalize your sign-in details and unlock a week of boundless knowledge exploration.

Blinkist for Business: Empower Your Team with Knowledge

In addition to the personal free trial, Blinkist offers team subscriptions through “Blinkist for Business.” With an effortless self-checkout process, this service caters to teams ranging from 5 to 300 individuals, granting access to 5,000 books across various categories.

Blinkist for Business empowers your team to leverage the mobile-first or audio-first app, making learning accessible in just 15 minutes. Gain valuable insights into your team’s learning progress, enabling data-led decisions that drive growth and development. Unlock the full potential of your team with Blinkist for Business—a powerful resource for continuous learning and professional enhancement.


While the app is free to download, the free account offers access to “the daily pick” book summary only. For full access, users can opt for the Premium subscription, available on a monthly or annual basis.

The monthly plan is priced at $12.99 (or equivalent in € for European users) and grants unlimited access to over 6,500 titles, including audio versions, shortcasts, and offline reading. The annual plan offers a 50% discount, costing only $6.67 (or €) per month.

We believe that Blinkist’s is affordable, coupled with its extensive library and user-friendly features, making it a top choice for those seeking a cost-effective, transformative learning experience.

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